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Plainfield Charter Township
6161 Belmont Ave, NE
Belmont, MI  49306-9609

Phone: 616-364-8466
Fax: 616-364-6537

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


   Office of the
Accounting / Utility Billing Department
  Accounting Department Staff:

Phone (616) 726-8885
Finance Director
Utility Billing Clerk

» March 24, 2008; Letter from the Township Manager on Sewer Rate Increases (.pdf)
» How do Plainfield Township's sewer charges compare to other communities in the area?(.pdf)

Online Bill Pay Service:  Plainfield Residents can pay their Utility Bills online with a credit card.
Click here:

Introducing Opengov!: 
Opengov is a web-based financial visualization software specifically designed for state and local governments. It provides citizens with the ability to view financial information. Citizens are able to view charts, graphs, and the underlying numbers for Plainfield Township’s current and past financial performance. Citizens may also establish their own searches to create charts and graphs of their own. We recommend beginning your exploration of the site by selecting “Help” in the upper right corner and then selecting the “Welcome Screen” to become familiar with how to navigate the site. Once familiar, you'll soon discover that there is a vast amount of information available at your fingertips. Happy exploring!

The Accounting Department provides the Plainfield Charter Township offices with all general accounting functions, including project accounting, budget administration, and financial reporting.  We also are responsible for reading township water meters, collecting water and sewer utility bills, and administering any water/sewer hookup fees associated with new construction.

We work closely with all of the departments within the township to ensure legally required financial standards are met and that accurate financial reports of township activities are available to the Township Board of Trustees in a timely manner.

Plainfield Charter Township Financial Performance Dashboard


Frequently Asked Questions about Water/Sewer Utility Bills:

When is my Water Meter Read?
Meters are read once each quarter, or four times a year. Our meter readers now use state-of-the-art electronic readers to ensure accuracy.

Why Is My Bill So High?
Often, when Plainfield residents receive their bills, they wonder why it is so high. Residents are billed once each quarter for water and/or sewage usage. One thing to keep in mind is that the bill reflects usage for the previous three months. In other words, a bill received in the fall will have summer usage on it. By this time, we find that many residents forget how frequently they may have watered over the summer, and are occasionally shocked at their bill.

Why Is My Bill So High?- Part 2
One of the biggest contributing factors to high water bills is the use of an irrigation system. An average sprinkler head can use up to two gallons per minute. If your system has 20 heads, and runs for 20 minutes each day, the result is 24,000 gallons per month or 72,000 gallons each quarterly bill. One thing that you can do to monitor your watering is take a reading at the start of a water cycle and again at the end. By performing this check, you know exactly how much water is being used by your system. Based on this information, you can then adjust your watering accordingly.

What Effect Does a Slow Leak Have?
A slow drip can add up to 15-20 gallons per day. Your water meter is the best detective for finding sizable leaks in your home.  Turn everything off carefully, so no water is being used anywhere in the house. Then check the position of the meter dial for about 15 minutes. If it hasn't moved, you have a relatively watertight home. But if it moves, start by checking hose connections, faucets, and toilets.

To find out how much water you have used in any given period, just subtract the reading used on your last bill from the current meter reading. Read your meter left to right using the numbers in the thousand digits printed on the white background.

Water/Sewer Rates and Charges:
Click here to see the Plainfield Charter Township Rates and Charges.



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