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Phone: (616) 726-8888

Township Superintendent

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Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority

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For updates on the North Kent Sewer Authority and the Clean Water Plant Project, click here.

For the latest information on the Township's Flood Mitigation Planning Project, click here.

cameron The Township Superintendent, appointed by the seven-member Board of Trustees, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the various operating departments of the Township organization. Cameron Van Wyngarden is Plainfield Township's current superintendent and has been serving our community is this role for over three years.

The Superintendent reports to the members of the Township Board as a whole and is responsible for the preparation and administration of the annual budgets for all Township funds. The annual budgets for the General Fund, Water Fund, and Sewer Fund are the three largest, totaling approximately sixteen million dollars. Eight department directors report to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent represents the Township in meetings and other communications with other local, state and federal agencies. He prepares and submits recommendations to the Township Board for their consideration and under the authority of the Township Board, the Superintendent executes agreements and other official documents.

 A Message from Superintendent Cameron Van Wyngarden:

We want to let you know about steps we are taking to ensure an abundant supply of clean drinking water for Plainfield Charter Township's growing population.

We are exploring options for a viable source to handle water demand during peak times for our 40,000 customers.

Your water supply is currently drawn from two well fields located west of Northland Drive, before being treated at the Township's treatment plant. At its peak, the Township in a day pumps 11 million gallons of water, which is treated and tested regularly and meets all state and federal requirements for safe, drinkable water.

The Township has a third well field located east of Northland Drive that is used solely to supplement peak water demand. Township officials immediately decided to stop using Well Field 3 after water testing showed the presence of two man-made chemicals.

Over the next several months, engineers will investigate appropriate options for a peak water source. While we currently have access to an adequate supply of water through our existing well fields, we feel it is wise to begin the process of assuring we have a viable source to meet future needs.

We want to emphasize that the water coming into your home is safe to drink, cook with, bathe in and to use for filling your pools. We indefinitely suspended use of Well Field 3 out of an abundance of caution.

In the meantime, the EPA and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality are working to determine the source of the two man-made chemicals and develop a remediation plan.

We will keep working closely with those state and federal officials to assure safe, clean drinking water continues to be supplied by Plainfield Township's water treatment plant.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rick Solle or Cameron VanWyngarden.


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