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Plainfield Charter Township
6161 Belmont Ave, NE
Belmont, MI  49306-9609

Phone: 616-364-8466
Fax: 616-364-6537

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


    Office of
Ordinance Enforcement
 Ordinance Enforcement


To contact Ordinance Enforcement with a complaint, please contact Susan Thompson or call her at (616) 726-8896.


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The Plainfield Charter Township Ordinance Enforcement Office, which is part of the Community Development Office, handles complaints and violations observed by citizens, businesses and township employees.

The Plainfield Charter Township Ordinance Enforcement Officers receive, investigate and enforce the following ordinances:

  • Inoperable Vehicles
  • Trash & Junk
  • Signs
  • Animal Control (number of animals and barking)
  • Exterior Building Maintenance
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Noise

If you have a complaint, please call Susan Thompson at (616) 726-8896 . To expedite the ordinance enforcement process, please have the following information available when you call:

  • Your name, address & telephone number
  • What violation you are calling in regard to
  • The property owners name, address and telephone number where the violation exists
  • When did the violation occur or start
  • Has this violation happened in the past (if known)

Once your violation complaint has been received, it will be investigated and the appropriate actions will be taken to correct said violation. Please do not expect the violation to be corrected immediately (unless life safety is an issue), as our Ordinance Enforcement Officers have specific guidelines to follow to remedy such matters. In some instances, this process may take a few days or even a few months. Please understand that we are sincerely intent work with the public and the residents of Plainfield Charter Township and not against them. It is the Township's policy to allow the landowner to remedy the problem once they have been made aware of the violation. If they fail to act, the Township will take further legal action to correct the violation.



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