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Plainfield Charter Township
6161 Belmont Ave, NE
Belmont, MI  49306-9609

Phone: 616-364-8466
Fax: 616-364-6537

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Ordinances, Forms and
Applications for Permits


Superintendent's Office
Licenses, Cemetery and FOIA forms

Clerk's Department
Ordinances and Voter Forms

Community Development
Building Permits and Applications.
Zoning Ordinances and Map

Assessing Department
Property Forms

Accounting Department
EZ-Pay Water/Sewer Billing and Property Taxes

Some of these Forms and Permits require a fee paid to Plainfield Township.  To see the current schedule for these fees,
please click here.

An ordinance is a local law, similar to laws (statutes) passed by Congress and the Michigan legislature.

Plainfield Charter Township's Code of Ordinances is now available online in a searchable database format. 

The Township's revised Zoning Ordinance and Map is now available online.

If you have any questions regarding current zoning ordinances, please contact the township Community Development Department or call us at (616) 726-8899.  All questions regarding the enforcement of the township's Code of Ordinances should be directed to the Township Ordinance Enforcement Officer, Susan Thompson, at (616) 726-8896 or

Posted below are the various applications for the permits required under our building and zoning codes, forms required for real estate transactions and the forms for making paying your water/sewer and property taxes a little easier.

We've posted them here to make it easier for anyone wishing to locate or do business in the township to obtain the necessary permits.  We cooperate and work with developers to our mutual advantage and these ordinances, most required by various state laws, are enforced as a way of protecting the safety of our residents and the value of property already located here.

The township's Ordinance Enforcement Department is responsible for working with businesses and residents to insure that our local laws are are followed.  If you have any concerns about a possible violation, please contact us , or call (616) 726-8896.

You will need Adobe's free Acrobat PDF viewer to read and print out some of these documents.

From the Township Superintendent's Office:
Forms and Applications
Seasonal Sales License Application
Short Term Open Air Business License Application
Solicitors License Application
Trash Haulers License Application-Plainfield Twp

Non-Profit Organizations
Plainfield Senior and Community Center

Cemetery Forms:
Authorization for Use of Grave
Cemetery Lot Purchase Form
Cemetery Lot Transfer Form
Cemetery Lot Foundation Order Form
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Cost Worksheet
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Policies Summary
Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Policies and Guidelines

From the Plainfield Fire Department:
Fire Code Requirements for Temporary and Permanent Tents, Canopies, and Membrane Structures


From the Township Clerk's Department:
  Ordinances Forms and Applications  

Online Code of Ordinances

Township Rates and Fees Schedule


Election Inspector Application
Voter Registration Application


Community Development Department (Planning, Zoning, and Building):
  Zoning Ordinances Forms and Applications  
  Township Zoning Map * (.pdf 4.2mb / Last update: Jan 1, 2016)
Township Zoning Ordinance (.pdf 1.2mb)

If you do not have a fast Internet connection,
you may download the Zoning Ordinance chapters that interest you by clicking on the chapter heading below.

  -Table of Contents
1. Short Title, Purpose, and Scope
2. Definitions
3. General Provisions
4. Nonconforming Uses and Structures
5. Mapped Districts
6. RP, Rural Preserve
7. RE, Rural Estate
8. R-1, Residential
9. R-1A, Residential
10. R-2, Residential
11. R-3, Residential
12. R-4, Residential
13. C-1, Commercial
13A. VC, Village Commercial
14. C-2, Commercial
15.C-3, Commercial
16. C-4, Commercial
17. C-5, Commercial
18. O, Office
19. LI, Light Industrial
20. I, Industrial
21. North East Beltline Overlay District
22. 10 Mile Road Overlay District
23. NR, Natural Rivers Overlay District
24. F, Flood Zone Overlay District
25. PUD, Planned Unit Development District
26. Open Space Preservation Planned Unit Development
27. Special Uses
29. Parking
30. Landscaping and Buffering Provisions
31. Lighting
32. Site Plan Review
33. Board of Appeals
34. Administration and Enforcement
35. Miscellaneous
36. Wellhead Protection Overlay District

Development Application  (Site Plans, Re-Zoning, Plating, Site Condos, etc.)
Land Division Application
Private Road Application
Application for Residential Construction Permit  (New Home, Remodeling, Additions, Decks, etc.)
Application for Commercial Construction Permit
Deck Construction Guidelines
Swimming Pools: Construction Information and Application
Application for Electrical Permit
Application for Mechanical Permit
Application for Plumbing Permit
Application for Demolition Permit
Plan Review Permit
Mobile Home Permit
Sign Permit Application
Temporary Sign Permit Application
Digital Sign Certification Agreement
Zoning Review Checklist

Complaint Form
MI Uniform Energy Code Worksheet

Zoning Board of Appeals Information and Application Form

Agreement Templates: (Rich Text Format)
Stormwater Operation and Maintenance Agreement
Deferred Parking Agreement
Cross Access Easement Agreement 1
Cross Access Easement Agreement 2

From the Assessors Office:
  Forms and Applications  




Principle Residence Exemption
Property Transfer Affidavit
Request to Rescind / Withdraw Principle Residence Exemption
Personal Property Statement - Form L-4175/632
Personal Property Small Business Exemption - Form 5076
Hardship Exemption Guidelines
Taxpayer Report of Personal Property - Form 5201
From the Treasurer and  Accounting Departments (Water/Sewer Billing, Taxes):
  Forms and Applications  
EZ-Pay Taxes
EZ-Pay Utilities
All About Direct Debit AutoPay





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