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Plainfield Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority
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Phone: (616) 726-8888

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»» Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan
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PACIA Seeks Partnerships with other Governments

In April of 2007, the Plainfield Township Board of Trustees created a Corridor Improvement Authority ("CIA") covering an area that includes 152 individual parcels of property along Plainfield Avenue from 4 Mile Road to Airway. The CIA operates like the Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority (DDA), except that its funding depends on the willingness of the contributing taxing authorities to allow their property taxes on the increased value (from 2006 to ??) of the 152 parcels to be captured. Tax Increment Financing is how the CIA can generate the money needed to accomplish the public improvements. In cooperation with Grand Rapids Township, which created its own CIA south of 4 Mile Road, a “tax sharing agreement” was negotiated with Kent County, which has consistently rejected participation in Tax Increment Financing Authorities (TIFAs) for many years. A similar agreement was reached with Grand Rapids Community College, which has consistently participated in TIFAs. The Kent District Library (KDL) has opted NOT to participate and has declined to participate in tax sharing agreements with Plainfield and Grand Rapids Townships.

When TIFAs are created, the participating taxing units of government understand that a stagnant or depressed area of the community needs a boost, some extra assistance, to turn things around and rejuvenate the area. Why should the County, the GRCC, the KDL, or Plainfield Township want to see revenues it would normally collect be plowed back into the CIA district? Because a rejuvenated area represents a benefit to everyone – including taxing government entities that are temporarily giving up a small portion of their revenue to finance the CIA. If a stagnant area is turned around, property values will increase and will generate more taxes than would have been generated by simply leaving the place to die on the vine. The keys to making this work are (1) generating enough money to make a difference and (2) ensuring that, once the objectives are achieved, the TIFA will be dissolved, and all of the contributing taxing entities will receive increased tax revenues that would not have materialized without their participation. The tax sharing agreements with Kent County and GRCC assure this, having been persuaded that continuing its participation in TIFAs makes long term good sense.

With the downturn in the economy and the decline of property values (particularly commercial property values), the tax increment revenue to the CIAs is far less than hoped for. While we have succeeded in getting a useful and visible project completed with the addition of sidewalks from 4 Mile Road to Rupert along Plainfield Avenue, the $70,000 that is presently in the CIA Fund and the $24,000 per year that is being generated by the TIFA is not sufficient to accomplish much in terms of new projects that will have significant impacts.

The Plainfield Township and Grand Rapids Township CIA boards know that they have their work cut out for them. Sustained, patient, and determined attention to their combined missions is essential for success. Good things do not “just happen” in local government; it takes dedicated, hardworking, and competent individuals to make things happen. The understanding and support of the entire community is also very important. Citizens of Plainfield Township and Grand Rapids Township should make it their business to know what is going on and to support these efforts.

Robert C. Homan
Township Manager


The improvement program has been established by the Plainfield Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority (PACIA) to encourage the preservation, restoration and /or renovation of significant building exteriors for properties located within the PACIA district (see maps below).

» For the full program description, guidelines and eligibility requirements, click here.
» For a Building Exterior Improvement Program application, click here.


The PACIA would also like to improve the aesthetics is landscaping, to beautify the frontage along Plainfield Avenue. The project we have undertaken involves planting flowers, trees, bushes, etc. that are weather resistant. Moreover, there is no cost to the business or property owners. However, we do ask that you maintain the improved space by keeping it clean of weeds and trash in the passing years. To help with the installation of these projects we have formed a partnership with Northview Public High School.

Landscaping Improvement Program Application

The mission of PACIA is to make Plainfield Avenue a more inviting place thereby sustaining its economic future

Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan (Draft)

Interested persons can view or download a draft of the proposed plan here.  The entire document is quite large (1.5mb) so visitors with slow connections may prefer download a version without maps.

Note:  The original signed copies are on file with the .

Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan-Draft (.pdf 1.5mb)

Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan-Draft NO MAPS (.pdf 400kb)

Plainfield Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority Members  Plainfield Charter Township
  Term Expires:
Joel Dykema Dec 31, 2015
Cheryl Scales Dec 31, 2016
Ken Chester Dec 31, 2016
Lisa Cummings Dec 31, 2014
Jay Spencer Board Representative
Cameron Van Wyngarden Alt. Board Representative
Plainfield Avenue Corridor Improvement Authority Members  Grand Rapids Charter Township
  Term Expires:
Jodi Wilterdink Dec 31, 2015
Eileen McNeil Dec 31, 2015
Ronny Abbott Dec 31, 2016
Erick Kind Dec 31, 2016
Linda Pestka Dec 31, 2017
John G. Clark Dec 31, 2019
Michael DeVries Board Representative


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