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Be Stormwater Savvy

How You as a Resident Can Help Reduce Pollution Entering the Grand River

Plainfield Township is working to better manage storm water runoff. As a resident of Plainfield Township, you have the opportunity to help reduce the amount of pollution entering our storm sewers, and ultimately the Grand River and Lake Michigan.

Keep Storm Drains Clear!

Clean Storm Water Entering Storm Water Drain.


For more information, check out
Plainfield Township's Environmental Programs

Examples of Pollution Entering the Storm Sewer System

Grass clippings blown into drain.

Excessive sediment from construction site.

Grease and soap flowing to drain.

Trash from open dumpster.

Sediment flowing into drain from soil piles.

Soap and Dirt from washing vehicles.


What is Storm Water Pollution?

When it rains, storm water flows over lawns, streets, and parking lots, carrying with it road dirt, fertilizers, oil, and grease into storm drains, which are often located alongside streets and parking lots.

Where do Storm Drains Lead?

Storm drains lead directly to nearby streams and lakes, usually without any type of treatment. Storm water entering storm drains in Plainfield Township ultimately leads to the Grand River and Lake Michigan.

How Can I Help Reduce Storm Water Pollution?

  • Report dumping to your Plainfield Township storm water coordinator(.pdf form), or call Rick Solle, P.E., Director of Public Services at 616-363-9660 or at
  • Make sure that washwater and other wastes do not enter a storm drain.
  • Recycle waste as much as possible.
  • Remember to close the lids on dumpsters and outdoor trash cans.
  • Help build awareness of storm water pollution by sharing this information.
  • Never dump grass clippings, vehicle fluids, or anything else down a storm drain.
  • Dispose of pet waste in a trash can.
  • Take used motor oil to a quick lube or auto shop.
  • Avoid fertilizing your lawn before a rain storm.
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash, or on your lawn, to prevent dirt and soap from entering a storm drain.

The "Plainfield Protector"
Needs YOUR help protecting our public water supply

We encourage all Plainfield residents to explore the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) website and find out what we can do to help preserve Michigan's largest natural resource.

NPDES Website

We also encourage you to explore the sites below for more information on some of the problems facing our water supplies, and what we can all do to help.

To report suspected Storm Water Pollution, you can download and fill out this form, or call Rick Solle, P.E., Director of Public Services at 616-363-9660 or at

For further information about what you can do do prevent Storm Water Pollution, contact the Plainfield Township Water Department-  call 616-363-9660 or .



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