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White Pine Trail State Park has become an important part of what makes Plainfield Charter Township such an enjoyable place to live and raise a family. The trail accommodates mountain biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, rollerblading, walking and running, and the northern 78.5 miles accommodates snowmobiling.

From Grand Rapids (Riverside Park) on the south end to Cadillac on the north, White Pine Trail State Park, at 93-miles in length, is the longest rail trail in the state. It was constructed on an abandoned rail right-of-way and trail surfaces include natural ballast, hard packed gravel, and asphalt. From Fifth Third Ballpark in Comstock Park to the Russell Road Staging Area, north of 15 Mile Road, the nearly 15-mile paved section that runs through Plainfield Charter Township, the City of Rockford and part of Algoma Township are considered by many to be the most scenic segment of the White Pine Trail, and perhaps the most scenic stretch of rail trail in the state. Wildlife abounds along this stretch with much of the trail running adjacent to the Rogue River, offering scenic views of the river, lush woodlands, rolling terrain and numerous varieties of seasonal wildflowers.

Plans for the former Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad line started long before dedication on July 20, 1994, when Michigan residents began petitioning the state government to establish a permanent, paved trail for all non-motorized, recreational uses. Future trails will intersect the “White Pine”, establishing it as the backbone of Michigan’s rail trail network. Currently, facilities in Cadillac, Big Rapids, and Belmont serve as the major trailheads for the White Pine Trail. The Belmont trailhead is at Rogue River Park and includes amenities such as modern restrooms and picnic facilities. Future plans for the White Pine Trail State Park include paving the entire trail to Cadillac and constructing 17 major staging areas. Currently, the Michigan DNR only provides emergency maintenance services and looks to municipalities to conduct general maintenance and operating activities for the trail. Several communities along the trail are planning and building additional amenities to enhance the trail experience.


The White Pine Trail bridge over West River Drive

  • The trail passes through thirty-one cities, village and townships.
  • It crosses 22 rivers and streams along its course.
  • Metro Grand Rapids is the southern starting point.
  • The bridge over West River Road just south of Belmont was built to serve the trail users and was partially funded by money raised by the “Friends of the White Pine Trail”.
  • The trail is open along its entire length for all non-motorized recreational uses. The pave portions of the trail are excellent for those people using wheel chairs or other walking assistance devices.
  • Future plans include connecting the “White Pine” to the Kent Trail System and the Musketawa Trail.
  • The trail skirts the Fifth Third Park baseball stadium just north of Grand Rapids.
  • The Belmont / Rockford area provides beautiful vistas of the Rogue River.
  • North of Rockford along the Rogue River is an overlook built by the “Friends of the White Pine Trail” with materials supplied by the Izaak Walton League.
  • Farmlands and deep woods follow the trail from Rockford to Cadillac.
  • Snowmobile use is restricted to the area north of the Russell Road Staging Area to Cadillac, conditions permitting.
  • Horses are currently not allowed on the trail until there are designated bridle paths (future plans include such paths adjacent to the trail).
  • Several historic railroad bridges / trestles along the trail’s length have been renovated for stream / river crossings
  • The Big Rapids area provides beautiful vistas, this time of the Muskegon River.
  • North of Big Rapids, in the community of Paris, the trail passes through a park and fish hatchery.
  • North of Paris the trial passes through Reed City where the Pere Marquette Trail intersects the White Pine. The Hersey River crosses the trail under a covered bridge in Reed City.
  • Between Reed City and Cadillac the town of Tustin has a unique museum adjacent to the trail.
  • Cadillac is currently the northern terminus of the trail, a city with many activities throughout the year.


The “Friends” is a volunteer group that was formed in 1997 (Web Page). We are a non-profit organization with a southern and northern chapter. The southern chapter meets on the second Wednesday of each month at various locations in the vicinity of the trail. The northern chapter meets periodically at selected locations near the trail.  (Click here for the meeting schedule)

OUR MISSION To enhance and fully develop the White Pine Trail.

OUR VISION The White Pine Trail State Park will provide a safe, accessible, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly recreation opportunity.

OUR GOAL To see the White Pine Trail State Park have a paved surface from Comstock Park to Cadillac.

We need you as a member: We need you to help us support trail development. We are volunteers; none of us are natural resource professionals, yet we have been very successful in influencing a magnificent recreational resource. Your input, ideas, thoughts, and dreams are needed to continue this tremendous volunteer effort. We work with state and local officials to fully develop the trail and enable trail users an excellent trail experience. The more members we have in the “Friends” group, the greater our impact.

Together we can:

• Assist / support trail improvements. • Lobby for a paved and fully developed trail. • Provide our organization maximum leverage.
For more information or to become a “Friend”, please visit our website:

Additional resources: Rails-to-Trails Conservancy





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